Fantastic Frank

... so beautiful, love the styling and the photography of this apartment for sale via Fantastic Frank.

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soft tones


... inspired by todays weather.

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a romantic Atelier in Japan

pictures thankful via Remodelista

This place absolutely caught my eye. 
An old house renovated by keeping the beauty of its original design in Japan.
Read more about this fabulous house and interior here.

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absolutely my message of the day...

I can´t put my joy and gratitude into words! Thanks for all the kind words about me and my work during the last days. From the heart a big thank you!

20Kvadrat, Josefin Haag
Lotta Agaton
Lovely Life, Tant Johanna

And of course Residence Magazine, we have the honor of being featured with our home story inside the magazine and even on the cover of the current edition! Wow, thank you!

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blush ceramic series

picture & styling by Sonja Maria Rettensteiner

My head is full of ideas and inspirations for my upcoming ceramic works. Here is one of my mood boards for an upcoming project. It will be a soft and matt collection of bottles and pinch pots with different shades of grey to blush tones. More is coming soon.

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Pragmata Gallery

I love the Instagram feed of Petros Titonakis, his art gallery is such an inspiring place in Japan with a lot of stunning ceramics, art and objects mainly from Japan. More on his website here.
And of course the beautiful Z1 Cotton Lamp by Ay Illuminate is just perfect to put all the wonderful crafts in the right light.

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Lee Broom

Grandmother's Cut Crystal makes a comeback and I could die for these beauties. Spotted at Miss Clara Hotel in Stockholm some time ago. I absolutely can´t forget these crystal lights by Lee Broom. I think they should be placed in our new HEIMELIG saleroom shortly.

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crumpled poster style

I fell in love with the crumpled style of posters, especially this S - Typography Print in Pantone colors by Playtype looks so good. You can find the poster at HEIMELIG shop. So let´s crumple!

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At James, Brooklyn NY

I am the bells and whistles to prepare my trip to New York in June. I can not wait to see my little cousin Theresa Kaindl there. Here's a great restaurant, at the top of my to do list, James. Any further secret tips for me? 

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music is medicine... The Fire by Kina Grannis

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I want it all by Christine Roland

I am blown away... These porcelain works by Christine Roland are so stunning, I really can´t get enough of her pictures. Her works was a lucky Instagram find. You should follow her to be up to date with her beautiful pieces on @cancatstalktodogsintheirownway. Here is the link to her website too. Christine Roland, I cannot decide what I am going to order!

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Toogood and Oliver Gustav

Maybe you have seen these great pictures already on some other blogs but I thought I have to save these impressions on my blog space too. Studio Oliver Gustav launched the stunning collection of furniture by Faye Toogood. I love everything on these pictures, colors of the studio, shapes of furniture, the styling and the photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt are just perfect. 

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some books I have to go for...

If you also have to make a little boosting on your coffee or breakfast table, here a little guide with some great literature.

Thank you dearest Per Olav for sharing this title.

Spotted at the wonderful A merry mishap blog.

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