Off to New York City!

Unpacking the Head of the Statue of Liberty, June 17, 1885. Picture thankful via.

On this friday the time has come, I am going to New York for one week. It is my first time to be in America at all and I am so excited. My to do list is really long and I hope I can use the time without stress to collect many impressions and inspirations.
I found this blog, Petit Passport, and I must say, I love it. Pauline Egge, the editor of the site collects so many great places all over the world and also in New York she has picked out some hidden places I will visit for sure. 
Further I found this feed on Instagram @thetrottergirl or @kessara, their feed is also a great place to get inspired for lifestyle and places to go to in their hometown.
I will keep you informed, stay tuned on my Instagram site if you like.

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Summer starts now!


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Anna Wedin

picture thankful via Instagram Anna Wedin
Oh how I love the pictures of Anna Wedin... Her Instagram account is such an inspiring place... You have to check it out too...

By the way, currently I am searching for a perfect indoor tree... this one on the left behind is such a beautiful tree. Unfortunately I have no idea which kind of ficus (?) it is... Maybe I am lucky enough and my gardener of confidence is able to tell me more... Or maybe you friends have an idea?

However I wish you all a very lovely and sunny weekend, summer has arrived with a loud "Yej!!!"

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shopping news at Studio Oink

pictures thankful via Studio Oink Shop

My dear friends Lea and Matthias are the founder and creative directors of Studio Oink, a very well known and talented lab, which is specialized in creating customized concepts for high quality interior design, set design and styling for film and photo productions and even for digital and print magazines.
Further they are running a very lovely web store with a little range of well chosen design goods and lovely vintage pieces for a nice price. Currently they have stocked some new pieces... Oh I could have them all, have a look here. Happy shopping!!!

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